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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Dear Diary: Well hope that everyone is doing well! I have not posted in so long....(not that anyone noticd or anything :) except for Rona & Cynde) We have purchased a house & have been extremly busy working on it until it closes then it will be ready to move in. the kitchen will not be done but we can do it after we get moved in. We are all really excited! hopefully we will close at the end of the month. I will get a scrapbook room of my own YIPPEE!!! not a big room but at least it's my room!!! Now maybe I will get back to scraqpbooking in the evenings like I used to do. Well the girls are out of school for the summer. too bad grown ups do not get summer vacations from work :) that would be fun! The girls are staying at my moms during the day while i am at work except when Tom is home then they stay with him & "HELP" in the new house. lol! now he understands that it is a little more difficult to get things done with two bickering kids under your feet! Welcome to my world :) glad that he finally seen that. Well our Osage volleyball league is underway and we play on wednesdaay nights @ the arena in cape. undefeated so far but we have only played 2 games so far. well better get going i will post again later goodnight! angelia

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Dear Diary, Well today is going well. Sorta..... trying to loose weight and eating alot of fruit, which I can live with since it's good & yummy. But the whole water thing is getting to me. I really want a Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper NOW!!!!! I have now consumed enough coffee to keep me jacked up for a week and the countless trips to the bathroom are exausting! Kadence has successfully had her tonsils removed and is doing quite well and her absence seizures have almost completly stopped. Yippee! Her first day back to school was Monday "Pajama Day" and she was so ready to go! Well Getting ready to work on some projects for the Dorm contests for CKU Nashville and have met 2 new ladies that have joind forces with Pat, Liana, Nancy and I to create our Dorm and they seem really nice! So I am very excited! Well our family took a trip to Mingo on

sunday and we had a great time saw lots of critters including my fav. an owl. Also 39 of my not fav. POISON SNAKES!!! Cotton Mouths & Coperheads to be exact EWWIE!!! No way you could have gotten my big butt on that boardwalk this weekend! They were facinating to look at out the truck window where they could not get me. Well have a V-Ball game tonight vs. Bernie so hopefully we will win. Well better get going need to get to work now before the day is over! I miss my friends & wish that they would email me! Guess I need to get Facebook :) TTYL! Angelia

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what's going on???

Dear Diary, hello! hope that everyone is enjoying this rainy evening, i was just wondering what the heck is going on??? since i have again began to post on my blog all of my friends have stopped posting on theirs....hummm....do i smell or something? :} just wondering lol. well not really that much going on this evening actually getting ready to go to bed. i sleep so well when it rains. i took kadence to the ear,nose & throat dr. yesterday afternoon for a follow-up to our friday e.r. visit and she is getting her tonsils taken out on april 9th. {3 days b-4 easter} guess there will no eating chocolate bunnies for her this easter :( maybe chicken broth & popcicles. my poor baby...but she will feel so much better when it is over. i have heard it is not as bad when you are little. thank goodness for her sake,,,,i was 27 and had rather given birth to a litter of babies with no epideral than do that again!!! seriously i would! we have an apt. with childrens hosp. on march 30 so hoefully everything will be alright with that too,we just have to make sure that her little seizures she is having are the ones she will outgrow and make sure that is what it is, also we do not want to put her under for tha tonsil surgery until we find out that it is safe, keep her in your prayers please. well guess i will go to bed now! goodnight to anyone who happens to read this. angelia

Monday, March 9, 2009

card swap march card {easter theme}

Dear Diary, 3rd post today! wow! here is my march card swap card it was an easter theme. another crapy pic. but it says "but i thought you liked it when i nibbled on your ear...." inside says "happy easter anyway" ok this card has green glitter on the side stripes that you cannot see in the pic. also i played with this one since it was mine & i embossed the bunnies with brown embossing powder to give them the shiny effect like real choc. bunnies. {i wish i would have thought to do it on the cards i swaped and not after the fact} well anyway they were really fun to make. i usually make 6x6 cards & i really don't know why...i just like them :) well nite nite i really am goin to bed now! angelia

Card Swap Cards

Dear Diary, here is my february card swap card. the pic is terible and staged as well, this is the card that i kept for myself & actualy never sewed my buttons on so they are just layed on there. but the actual ones i traded were sewn on. the heart was also glittered and i used pop dots. maybe i will learn to take better photos :) nite!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

Dear Diary, well today was a good day, except for the fact that it will take me weeks to get used to the new time change. that's why i am still up on the computer at 11:55 pm posting on my blog :) well i think i have my teresa collins book done except for adding my photos that i will go print tomorrow after kadences dr. appt. it was so nice to get together with everyone to scrapbook and chat. i honestly have not scrapbooked in 11 months! so to get the chance to create something was so much fun for me. heres a pic of the cover of the book. i will post the rest of the pages when i get the photos added. {see cynde you did not hurt the cover one bit!} i am also in a monthly card swap with some very talented ladies and i will get my last 2 cards up and posted soon. if it wasn't for the card swap i guess i wouldn't have been making anything and it is so much fun to get together each month and swap them with each other. Well better get goin just wanted to get my book cover posted and to say that i had a GREAT time saturday! ttyl goodnight! angelia

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Dear Diary: what a great day it was 2day! i took ashtyn 2 cape 2 c levi @ the hosp. & while we were @ factory card gtting balloons 4 him , his aunt called me & said he was coming home. so we stopped by his house 4 a few minutes & there he was all kicked back n the recliner. he has 2 take it easy 4 a few months but he is doing so well. i guess that proves the power of prayer...ashtyn said that everyone was so sad @ the school dance @ they had a prayer circle 4 him. i had never heard of anyone going straight from icu to home but he did. he never even got 2 b n a reg. room. WOW! glad u r home & doin well levi ...luv ya! nothing else to talk about just got all of my laundry done 2day no biggie, just wanted to report in on the great news about levi. gonna get off 2 bed so i can get up bright & early 4 work 2morrow! goodnight! angelia